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Know the stories of some workers who have lived the experience of transforming their lives thanks to our program.




What did you feel when you were selected?


I was very happy but also very nervous. You don’t know what is awaiting, I had a lot of expectations of my trip. There were a lot of mixed feelings.

Was this experience what you imagined?


I´ve heard bad stories about extorsion and all the risks of illegal immigration. Fortunately, with Labormex, all the process (from the beginning until the day you return home) you feel safe.

How did this experience change your life?


It changed my life for good in many senses. It has helped me to provide for my family and take the pressure off the rest of the family. It turns out to be a “chain” to help all the community. 


One of my goals was to arrange my parent’s house. My neighborhood is undeveloped, it lacks pavement, electric installation, etc. When I send money to my family, they help the local commerce and workers. We were able to hire a blacksmith and workers to help us make some home improvements. This way, you share your fortune. Where I live, unemployment leads to crime. By creating work opportunities for our people, we contribute to reducing crime in the area.

What’s your advice for the workers that go to the US for the first time?


I would tell them to go with all their enthusiasm and to make a go of it. Obviously, they will miss their family, there will be times when they feel lonely (it happens to all of us) but that is normal. I would tell them not to worry because things will be alright, the people that get this opportunity are treated right. 




What was your goal when you went to work legally in the US?


Most of all I wanted to help my family and give my children a chance to study.

What makes you proud?


I’ve never had problems in the 9 seasons I’ve worked with Labormex. I’ve worked for 5 seasons in my actual job and never had a problem.

If this was your first season, what advice would you give yourself?


Prove what you are worth. Have good behavior with all the people especially, with the new workers. I would tell myself and others that it is very important to have a good attitude to be able to work as a team. Respect all. If you work hard, that's how you make it.

What do you think of Labormex?


I am grateful for the opportunity to have this stable job year after year. In my hometown, people say “we need the ‘workers’ to go back because the money we send home, helps all the community.



Was your trip and work to the US what you imagined?

I couldn’t imagine how it was. It’s way better to live the experience! It was very fulfilling.At the beginning, I had to adjust to a new country. They even gave me the opportunity to drive. It was a dream come true to be able to drive on an American freeway.

How did it change your life to legally work in the US.?

It changed me a lot. The experience of going to the consulate, waiting for your visa and finally getting it….You are riding the bus, then crossing the frontier and you can’t believe you are in a different country. It also, teached me not to take my family for granted. There are so many things that change your life…You are left with the feeling that you want to go back and do it even better.

What was your biggest achievement?

Arriving in a new country where you don’t know anyone, with a different language and getting in trouble was my biggest fear. I overcame my fears, because I tried really hard to learn some basic words. Sometimes they didn’t understand me but I tried until I was able to make myself clear. I was confident in my work experience but I had to learn many things, especially driving rules.

Did you learn any new skills?


I learned a lot. Besides the opportunity I had to drive, I learned new things in gardening. In the US, things are different. Houses are bigger, they manage residues in a different way. The company I worked for, made landscaping projects from scratch. I learned how to use an app to address the client’s needs and also how to use new equipment.

What was the first thing you did when you went back to Mexico?


Reuniting with my family was very special. Hugged my children, my sisters and my father.

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