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Seymour Taylor


Seymour Taylor was a descendant from a family of American settlers  in Mexico. They owned thousands of acres of farmland since 1902 in Central Mexico.


He was raised in both cultures, which gave him great admiration for the local community of farm workers that had helped his family for generations.

He served in Vietnam and dedicated his life afterwards to mainly work in exporting produce from Mexico. A few American farms got a hold of him and asked for recommendations on hard working trustworthy people from his ranch. 

Seymour was more than excited to help these workers. He knew what an amazing opportunity this would be for them. They would be making 100 times what they make in Mexico, be able to cross the border safely and come back to their families. In 2004, he decided to make this his full time endeavor. 


His daughter Lydia, left her work at Cornell University to help start this project.  Her background in hospitality and customer service and his knowledge on finding the best talent, gave them a chance to bring US ethics and values to a company that straddles both borders. Seymour lost his battle to cancer in 2020, but his dream and legacy lives on.


Labormex gives thousands of workers the opportunity to live an American dream and US employers the ability to remain fruitful despite the lack of US labor, knowing that they are changing lives and feeding America. 

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