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Top Occupations for TN Visa Holders in the United States

The TN visa, a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), now under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), offers a unique opportunity for Canadian and Mexican citizens to engage in professional business activities in the U.S. Understanding the top occupations that qualify for the TN visa can significantly aid professionals in navigating their career paths in the United States. Here, we explore some of the most sought-after professions among TN visa holders in the U.S.

1. Computer Systems Analysts

With the digital era in full swing, Computer Systems Analysts are in high demand. This role is crucial for companies looking to streamline their computer systems and procedures, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

2. Engineers

The broad field of engineering offers numerous opportunities, from civil to software engineering. Engineers with specialized skills are consistently sought after in the U.S., making this a popular choice for TN visa applicants.

3. Management Consultants

Management Consultants play a key role in advising businesses on how to improve performance. This profession is a top pick for TN visa holders, given its demand across various industries.

4. Graphic Designers

With the rise of digital marketing and online content, Graphic Designers are finding their skills more in demand than ever. This creative occupation is a pathway for many TN visa holders into the U.S. job market.

5. University Professors and Teachers

Academic professionals, particularly University Professors and Teachers, can find ample opportunities in the U.S. Educational roles are essential for TN visa holders with a passion for teaching and research.

6. Medical and Allied Health Professionals

The healthcare sector in the U.S. offers a broad spectrum of opportunities, from registered nurses to medical laboratory technologists. Medical and allied health professionals are consistently in demand, making this a promising field for TN visa holders.

7. Accountants

Accounting professionals, with their expertise in financial documentation and management, are vital to businesses in the U.S. This field remains a stable and lucrative career path for many TN visa applicants.

8. Scientists

Scientists, including biologists, chemists, and geologists, are integral to research and development in various industries. The U.S. offers numerous opportunities for scientific professionals under the TN visa category.

9. Lawyers and Legal Assistants

The legal profession, including Lawyers and Legal Assistants, is another sector where TN visa holders can establish successful careers, provided they meet specific licensing requirements in the U.S.

10. Architects

Architects are instrumental in shaping the infrastructure and skyline of cities. With a constant need for new structures, this profession holds significant potential for TN visa professionals.


These top occupations for TN visa holders reflect the diverse range of opportunities available in the United States. For professionals from Canada and Mexico, the TN visa serves as a gateway to a wealth of career prospects across various industries. Whether in technology, healthcare, education, or business, the U.S. job market offers a plethora of pathways for skilled individuals under the TN/USMCA visa program.

For more insights into TN visa occupations and navigating the U.S. job market, feel free to reach out to LaborMex - your trusted source for employment-based immigration and visa guidance.

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