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Our services are tailored to your needs. Whether you need a pool of brand new workers, or have existing groups that need facilitating assistance, we can help. Every group and employer is unique, and whether your team needs a turn-key process, or prefers to handle certain aspects internally, we can work seamlessly together.


Our Services

Labormex offers recruiting and facilitating services

Depending on your needs, we can process workers that you have recruited or we can recruit and screen qualified workers. We understand the need of hiring able, willing and qualified workers. Labormex LLC can coordinate interviews of pre-qualified workers via video conferencing so that your staff does not have to travel to Mexico. We regularly conduct orientation services and training for U.S. companies and have the technology to ensure that your HR offices can monitor the recruiting remotely.

We are equipped to conduct hundreds of interviews allowing employers to remotely screen and offer employment to workers from their offices.

Labormex staff can assist with translation and the rental of equipment and materials.

Labormex recruits a pool of applicants that meet company profile and criteria. We have extensive experience in recruiting qualified applicants with an exceptionally low turnover rate. Expect to have your same workforce return every year.

Labormex pre-screens workers by conducting criminal background checks, physicals, psychological evaluations and drug testing (optional).

We provide continuing education to our staff to ensure compliance and maintain industry relationships. We have outstanding relationships with associations, government agencies and attorneys.
Human Resources
Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small farms and operations all over the U.S.
We offer turn-key solutions, but can also cater to your specific needs and offer strategic guidance for the H2 process.
Local Presence
In addition to our U.S.-based headquarters, we have offices that are strategically located in Central Mexico so we can travel throughout Mexico to recruit and process at any consulate
We manage all logistics and transportation, including discreetly transporting your workers to the consulate to minimize risk for workers, as well as arranging hotel accommodations and meals when necessary.
We meet our client’s budgetary needs without compromising worker safety. We have relationships with reputable, competitively priced bus, hotel and food service companies throughout Mexico.

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Our U.S. based staff provides 24-7 customer service and support. Our logistical capabilities in Mexico allow for a fast turnaround even with tight time frames. We are happy to provide testimonials from our clients who rave about our great customer service and efficiency, as well as our non-immigrant workers who speak highly of our process and integrity..

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