How to Use H2 Visa Workers to Prepare Your Business for Next Season

When you have seasonal work at your business, using the off season to get ready for the next busy season just makes good sense. However, finding the right workers to carry out this work can be a difficult task, requiring a lot of extra work to find these workers, especially in a booming economy where labor is at a premium and hard to find. Fortunately, there’s a great option that you may not have considered in the past: the H2 worker’s visa program

Focused on providing temporary labor from a variety of international sources, the H2 visa program allows you to hire labor from foreign countries when local labor is not available in sufficient supply to fill your needed jobs. This can include agricultural work, resort work, construction work and similar tasks. Though most employers consider these workers for the busy season, hiring them to get your business ready for that season during the quiet times of the year can help boost your business without the hassle of finding hard-to-find local workers.

How to Use H2 Visa Workers to Prepare Your Business for Next Season

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Farm Expansion

If you’re in agriculture, you know that there are constant changes and innovations that can make your farm even more efficient, improving your bottom line and profitability. However, getting those changes into place or expanding your farm can be a difficult task at the best of times. With today’s strong economy and continued urbanization of youth, finding workers to help you make these changes is difficult, and hiring professional firms to manage installation tasks can be more expensive than you can afford.

The H2 visa program was partially founded to handle the needs of farms for migrant workers during the busy growth and harvest season, but it can also be used to help with your farm’s expansion or upgrades during the winter. Whether you’re installing a new drip irrigation system, changing the type of crop culture that you’re using or adding new land to your farm that will need to be fenced, tilled and otherwise prepared during the off season, hiring these same workers will help you get the job done quickly and effectively. This allows you to hit the ground running when your production season starts.

Resort Upgrade

Whether it’s just being proactive in keeping your resort looking up-to-date, adding new amenities to keep your customers coming back for more or a reaction to some less-than-favorable reviews about your resort, making upgrades can take more time and effort than you have available during the off season. This is especially true if you’re trying to market these changes to create strong growth in your business at the same time. Instead of being stretched thin during the off season, why not use the H2 visa program to find the right workers for the job.

Are you adding a spa? Considering updating your landscaping to make your resort more welcoming? Need to update the appearance of your accommodations by applying a fresh coat of paint, hanging new artwork or cleaning up the exterior finishes on your resort? Instead of having to hire expensive professional painters, decorators or cleaners, you can hire your own H2 visa workers, making this type of work possible even when other resort workers have moved on to work in other areas that are experiencing their busy seasons. This allows you to spend your time, energy and resources on making sure that you’ll see a fast return on your investment during your next busy season by promoting your resort.

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Off-Season Construction

What about having construction completed on your business? Today’s busy construction scene and strong economic growth have reduced the number of skilled laborers available for construction work. But that doesn’t mean that you need to put off having construction work done on your business during the off season. Whether it’s adding new cottages to your resort, having a new barn built to expand your livestock operation or other construction project, you can still get this work done during the off season, even when there’s a strong shortage of local construction labor available.

The H2 program allows you to bring in temporary skilled workers when there’s a shortage of this type of labor in your area. This makes it possible for you to move ahead with your plans regardless of the shortage of locally-available talent. Instead of having to put off your plans for growth and expansion until a time when it may not make as much sense or give up on the possibility entirely, the H2 worker visa program provides you with new options to make your dreams of success a reality.

Using the H2 Visa Program to Work Around Worker Shortages

The current shortage of construction, agricultural and service workers can seem as though it will prevent you from being able to achieve your business goals, but using the H2 worker visa program can make it easier to accomplish your goals. Though the process may seem complicated, working with an immigration attorney and a facilitating agency can make the process simple. Instead of spending significant amounts of time trying to navigate the federal and state government bureaucracies, you can focus on planning what you’ll be able to do with your workers once they arrive.

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LABORMEX was established to help farms and businesses get the labor they need to get the job done, even during times when labor was in very short supply. We’re able to handle the bulk of the process for you, whether you need help setting up HD video interviews in a foreign city or have a list of workers you’ve already recruited that need to be processed through to work for you. If you’re concerned about physical ability, drug issues, psychological problems or a criminal past, we can screen your potential workers to ensure that you’re getting the very best who will be a benefit to your business. Contact us today to get started.